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Blackjack Online Games have been one of the most popular online casino games for the last four decades. If Blackjack game played correctly the house edge in Blackjack is only 0.5% making it one of the best value games for casino players. Just ask the MIT Blackjack Team ( a group of maths and science students ) who won $4,000,000 in one year playing blackjack in Las Vegas Casinos.

If playing Blackjack offers such good odds in favor of the player then why does this simple card game continue to be the second largest source of income for casinos? Remember, Blackjack has potentially great odds compared to other casino games but only if you have the right tips and strategies. The BlackjackUK website offers a huge range of FREE information and guides to help you out.

How to play Blackjack?

If you have never played before or only have a limited knowledge of the game then you should check out the 'Learn Blackjack' section, you can find the link above or click here. BlackjackUK is here to help you get the maximum profit from playing Blackjack. We have some simple tips to improve your game play, plus we look at counting cards and other ways you could win big playing Blackjack.

Free Online Blackjack Chips - £50 Free Blackjack Chips

The great thing about online casinos games over real world casinos is the level of competition that exists between online casinos for your business. No Las Vegas casino would offer to double the money in your wallet when you walk thought the doors, but that's exactly what happens with an online casino games! Simply deposit $50 and they will give you $100 to play with, deposit $100 and you'll get $200! Many of these deals are time limited and some aren't as good as they first seem. We take a look at some of the best places to claim free Blackjack chips, click here for more information about Littlewoods Casino free blackjack chip offer.

Blackjack Tournament and Online Blackjack

The basic Blackjack game has reminded virtually unchanged for decades, but the arrival of the internet has seen a dramatic raise in popularity of the Blackjack and casino games, no longer confined to Vegas casinos the game is now available to anyone in the world at anytime. We look at some of the differences between playing casino online and playing at the casino. We also have a short list of the best places to play secure blackjack online.

A new twist that the internet has given the Blackjack and casino games is the ability to enter online tournaments, for a small entry fee you can play in Blackjack Tournaments for big cash prizes. It's a great way to improve you game and make some money in the process - cash prizes range from a couple of dollars to over a million.

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