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Presumably everybody has heard of this exciting game; even if the ‘Blackjack' name does not tell anything for certain people, then ‘Twenty-One' or ‘Vingt-et-un' surely reveals its secret. It is extremely entertaining and it is played all around the World not just in Casinos, but anywhere else. Anyone can have a great time while playing poker, and its rules are not difficult to understand.

You are given the chance to Play Online Blackjack on different websites; and you are free to choose the one that mostly appeals to you, due to your tastes. The problem is that many people start playing Online Blackjack for real money without knowing its exact rules. In such a situation one can lose serious amount of cash, in case he/she isn't thinking about the consequences.

It's extremely important to get to know with the procedure of Online Blackjack Games before you start playing for real money. Here we are providing you a guiding related to Blackjack and supply you with the most appropriate information that you need in order to enjoy this game.

First of all, you should know that the object of this game is to beat the dealer with as high cards as possible without exceeding the value of 21. Now, let us enlighten you about the card values and how these are calculated in the game of blackjack

•  the cards from 2 to 9 are worth their face value;

•  the 10, Jack, Queen and King are worth of 10;

•  the Ace's value can be either 1 or 11, depending on the additional cards that you hold.

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The suits (Diamonds, Hearts, Spades or Clubs) do not play any role in this game; this means that you can have a hand that is as close as possible to 21, without taking into consideration the suits of your cards.

As for the Ace, you have the opportunity to choose whether you are counting it as 1 or 11, depending which value is more advantages for your hand. A hand which contains an Ace is called a ‘soft hand'.

The game starts as the players place their bets. In addition, the dealer will pass one card to each player, including himself as well, starting with the player that is on his left side. Then, he will pass another round of cards, so that every single player has two cards. The dealer has one card face up and one face down. All other players have their cards face down. In some casinos from Europe, the dealer deals himself only one card that is face up and waits until each player finishes his hand. Only after this deals his second card which is face down. This is known as the ‘European No Hole Card' rule.

Every single player, in turn says whether he wants another card to be dealt for him or not. In case someone has the value of 21, it is said that he has a Blackjack or ‘natural'.

While Playing Blackjack Online, players are given different options to choose from, it is up to them which one of these they are taking advantage of. We will take these separately so that you can get an idea about the different situations that it is beneficial to apply them. These are: Surrender, Hitting and Standing, Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs and Insurance.

•  Surrender:

This is an option which gives you the chance to fold your hand, which means that you do not want to take any other card besides the first two. You are free to make this choice at a specified moment, right before you make some other moves for your hand. So, if you wish to split or ask for another card, this option is not available for you. As you will play many times, you will realize when the right moment to surrender is. Remember that if you choose to surrender, you are giving up your hand and losing half of your initial bet. There are two types of surrender: early and late surrender. The early surrender is when you choose this option right before the dealer checks whether he has blackjack or not.

•  Hitting and Standing:

This is an option that every single player has to take advantage of during a Blackjack game. If you choose ‘Hit' it means that you will be given another card, while if you want to stop at that specific hand value, without accepting any other card. You need to choose ‘Stand'.

•  Doubling Down:

You can take advantage of this option only in case you have a hand with two cards. Doubling down allows you to double your bet and get one more card. When you choose to double down, you can place any amount of cash, without exceeding your original bet. You just need some practice so that you can get used to make the right choice at the right time; but when you do this, double the entire sum of your bet - this is just a piece of advice for you.

•  Splitting Pairs:

You can take advantage of this option only in case you have two cards of the same rank. So, what can you do in such a situation? You are free to use these two cards in two different hands, separately.

•  Insurance:

This option is a little bit more complicated than the above mentioned ones. Usually Insurance has a higher house advantage; it is said that this is a ‘weak bet' for a gambler. So, what it is all about? When the cards are dealt, and the dealer's face-up card is an Ace, he is offering you the chance to take ‘Insurance'. During your Online Blackjack game, in such circumstances the ‘Insurance' word is displayed for you on the screen. You can choose to take advantage of this or not, it only depends on you.

In case you want to accept this bet, you have to make a bet that is higher than the half of your original bet. Next, once you have placed your bet, the dealer is going to show his ‘hole card' (the one that is face down). If the dealer's hole card is a 10, in other words, he has Blackjack; the payoff is worth of 2:1. If you do not have Blackjack in the same time, you lose your original bet.

This option is advantageous for you, because, it can ensure you that your original bet is protected, in case the dealer has Blackjack. Insurance is beneficial for you, but only if you take it at the right time.

These are the options which are available for you during your Blackjack game. At first glance it might seem a bit complicated, but actually it isn't at all. This is why; it is advisable for you to play just for free before you make a bet for real money in an online casino.

. There are many Online Casinos which offer you this chance, to play for free without paying a cent. Until you learn and get used to Blackjack's procedure, it is more advantageous to play for free. After a certain period of time you will be able to place your bet and play for real cash, and why not, win some cash. While playing you can realize when the right moment is for taking advantage of the most appropriate options, and you will have your own playing strategy as well. All it takes for you is to study patiently the above mentioned tips and rules, and play as much as you can in order to gain the appropriate experience. We guarantee you that you will enjoy this exciting game; especially that you have the opportunity to play wherever you are, all you need is a pc or a laptop which is connected to the internet. Just select an honest Online Casino very carefully. Good luck and have a great time!