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A new development in online blackjack is the multi player Blackjack Tournament, for just a few dollars entry fee you can win 1000s playing Tournament Blackjack online. We take a look at the sites which offer the biggest cash prizes on the net and give you a few hints and tips to winning Blackjack tourneys.

Blackjack is the most popular games played in real and online casinos. Excitement surrounds and there is always laughing, and cheering around the blackjack table. It stands to reason that blackjack tourneys are no different. The online versions are just as flashy and exciting as the casino versions. Blackjack tournaments are fairly easy to get involved in, particularly online, so lets look at the sites which currently offer tournaments and check out the prize money on offer.

Cheap Blackjack Tournaments

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Casinorip - £100,000 Tournament

Casinorip offers a great range of Blackjack Tournaments - Entry fees from 10p and prize money £10,000. Get involved NOW!
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Littlewoods Blackjack Tournaments

Monthly tournaments with entry fees from £5 and prizes of over £10,000. Littlewoods is a great casino for Blackjack tourneys and they now accept US players.
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Game Account is one of the best Blackjack Tournament sites I have seen to date - with a big range of tournaments of offer. Casinorip is not a casino site and as such you only ever play against other people, you cannot play against the house. Tournaments operate in a unique way and are more about your skill as a player than the luck of the cards! Here's how the tournaments work.

You and your opponent get the exact same sequence of cards, on every hand. You must build your chips higher than your opponent to win! This is great as it really is about your skill as a player, the players are paired up against each other based on a skill ranking. The more tournaments you win the higher your ranking and the quality of opponents you play also goes up. This gives everyone a chance otherwise good players would be constantly hammering the newbies.